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A School for Community Enterprise
Welcome to Edventure. We run courses, events and programmes in community entrepreneurship.  Here, people come together to start things up; to gain transferable skills & experience; to build connections; to get support to realise their ideas; and to gain the sense and confidence that it is possible to create a kinder, fairer, greener world. What we care about is contributing to a strong community, growing meaningful livelihoods and building ventures as part of a sustainable, zero carbon economy that works for all.

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Our Courses

Learning through experience. Gaining transferable skills. Making a real difference.

Edventure START-UP

A practical 10 week course in community entrepreneurship and turning ideas into reality.

Edventure: MAKE

Spend 3 weeks in a team learning to design, make and sell products made from raw materials such as metal, wood, fabric, silver and leather.

Edventure Short Courses

Practical workshops themed around building community enterprise skills, effective collaboration and rethinking the economy.

A Typical Start-Up Challenge

We gave our students an empty shop, £500, skills, tools, local support and the challenge to boost the sharing economy in Frome.

What our Students Say

Our 9th Edventure student team speak about their experience of starting-up a tiny homes company in response to the housing crisis

Our Enterprises & Initiatives

On our flagship Start-Up Course, students learn by setting up a real community enterprise as part of a team - gaining skills and experience whilst making a tangible difference in Frome.

With local partners we create enterprise solutions to local challenges, and prepare the ground for a community start-up.


Working with a team of students on our edventure START-UP course and the wider community we make the start-up happen.


Edventure or a local not-for-profit partner takes the enterprise to the next level to enable us to do more of this work and help build a community orientated economy.

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What people are saying

The way Edventure does education is quite revolutionary.

Rosa, Edventure Start-Up Student

From having a vision to becoming a start-up, Edventure’s incubation process has been absolutely outstanding.

Dr Sam Evans, Owner of The Walled Garden at Mells.

How refreshing and different this night was to anything I had experienced before! A triumphant celebration of the diversity and multiplicity of small businesses and Frome, as well as a reaffirmation of the strength of community cohesion in this town and people’s desire to help their peers not only survive but thrive.

James Holcombe on The Local Entrepreneurs Forum for Frome

It was great to see Frome’s community coming together to support local enterprises. I love the fact that it wasn’t just about pledging financial support, but also offering time and resources.

Helen Fielden on The Local Entrepreneurs Forum for Frome

I’ve loved every minute of the course. Meeting lovely people and realising when you put your heads together, you can achieve anything, even in just 3 weeks!

Sarah, MAKE Course Student

Edventure attracts really first-class speakers and it was great to be with a group of local activists keen to make the world a more sustainable place.

Jean, Short Course Attendee

Edventure Start-Up has changed my life. I left feeling confident, empowered, inspired and with a new network of support.

Cassie, Edventure Start-Up Student

I thought the whole event was really inspiring. It’s the future. A brilliant way of building a sustainable and resilient community from the people upwards.

Peter MacFadyen on The Local Entrepreneurs Forum

Edventure is my second family in Frome. Being here has helped me to focus on developing a creative career. It’s full of people on my level who communicate well. Edventure is my second home.

Ruby, Edventure Start-up & MAKE Student

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A good way of getting involved is just being here. The Welsh Mill Hub is the home of Edventure and offers co-working space and meeting rooms. 

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Replication toolkits, training and consultancy to share how we run Edventure and our community enterprises.

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