Support the Community Fridge: Our fundraiser

Edventure Frome is launching a new Crowdfunder campaign to raise money for Frome’s Community Fridge and Larder, which was the first of its kind in the UK. 

Edventure’s Crowdfunder campaign is focused on keeping the fridge free, open and accessible to all, and providing a fair offer to those who dedicate their time running it. The Community Fridge & Larder in Frome fights food waste by making surplus food from local businesses accessible to everyone in our community. 

You can donate to their Crowdfunder campaign at 

The Community Fridge was launched by a team of Edventure Start-Up students in 2016, and since then the project has saved over eight Wembley stadiums worth of food. 

Frome Community Fridge enables around 90,000 items a year to be shared rather than thrown away, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 140 tonnes. according to a report published in May 2019 (Frome Town Council)

The success of the fridge has helped to inspire more than 60 community fridges to open across the country – linked in with Hubbub’s Community Fridge network. The fridge was also featured on Jimmy and Jamie Oliver’s Saturday Night Food Feast in 2017, Country File in 2019 and Escape to the Country in 2021.

In December 2019, the Community Fridge project won the Community Award at the International Innovation in Politics Institute’s awards ceremony.

Terri, the Coordinator for the Community Fridge, won the green BBC Make A Difference Award in 2023, for her amazing dedication and time spent on the project.

If would like to help Edventure raise money for the fridge, please consider sharing Edventure’s Crowdfunder campaign, which can be found at 

Pictured: Terri Pitts, Community Fridge Coordinator, standing by the Community Fridge when it was located at the Loop de Loop