Edventure’s third year starting soon!

Edventure: Frome- Launch of New Apprenticeship on September 22nd 

[Press release by Helen Barnsley]

Edventure Frome will be welcoming twelve brand new apprentices through their doors on the 22nd September for the start of their 2014-15 Apprenticeship Programme.  The apprentices, who will be aged between 18 and 30, will be starting a nine month long training in social entrepreneurship.  The training will include a series of team challenges to nurture their business, leadership and employability skills, ultimately giving the apprentices the opportunity to start a project, business, or self-employment.  Through the apprenticeship young people can create sustainable and viable futures for themselves and will learn the skills they will need through a combination of workshops, team projects and mentoring.  In addition to the directors of Edventure, Johannes Moeller, Neil Oliver and Meki Nattero, who work with the apprentices intensively, Edventure pools the resources of a team of skilled members of the community, including local businesses, in order to provide a truly ‘community supported education’.

This summer Edventure are getting set for their biggest year yet, having received a host of applications from around the world.  This year marks the expansion of their cohort from 7 to 13 apprentices.  They will also be building on their successful relationship with the Job Centre in order to be of benefit to even more young people in Frome for whom finding employment can be a challenge.

There were many success stories during the 2013 to 2014 apprenticeship cycle and one such highlight was an enterprise event that the apprentices ran at Frome Community College, reaching a total of 800 students.  Johannes Moeller explains that, “Edventure specialises in helping young people consider how they can make a livelihood from the things that they have a passion for and the things that have meaning for them.  We would love to work with the college students again this year”.

Other success stories from the year include the business Chisel & Grain started by Ben Horne and Stuart Dalton and supported by Edventure.  The business, which builds beautiful hand-crafted wooden structures, is now going from strength to strength.  The Frome Wood Fired Pizza Oven is also a new Edventure enterprise to look out for, producing delicious pizza for events in and around Frome from locally sourced organic ingredients.

Edventure are always interested in hearing from businesses and individuals in the local community who can help support young people and more information about getting involved can be found on their website:

Edventure also offer the ‘Welsh Mill Hub’ as a workspace and community venue.

Johannes Moeller says, “We like to feel that Edventure provides a link between those in the community with the desire to provide support for young people and those who need it the most”.