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Work with us? Course lead & facilitator – Apply now
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Edventure is recruiting a new Course Lead & Facilitator to join our expanding Programmes Team. The role includes delivering face-to-face training in Frome and coordinating our programmes. 16 hours a week, at 26k pro rata. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for delivering employability training to small teams of trainees on the Kickstart scheme, supporting young people with sustainability projects, and as the Government Kickstart scheme finishes in early 2022, support the delivery of Edventure’s flagship start-up course in community entrepreneurship. 

Apply by October 18th.

Click here for more information.

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Time for a New Edventure? Voluntary Director Position
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Apply by Oct 11th 2021

Introduction to Edventure

Edventure Frome is an award-winning community enterprise based in Frome, Somerset. As a school for community enterprise, we run programmes for young adults and courses for people of all ages, as well as several community initiatives and satellite enterprises, such as The Welsh Mill Hub and Share – a library of things. What we care about is contributing to a strong community, growing meaningful livelihoods and building ventures as part of a sustainable, net-zero carbon economy that works for all.

Role overview

We are a Community Interest Company, overseen by a board of 5 voluntary Directors and a paid Managing Director with a team of 10 staff. Our existing board is diverse in its range of skills and experience, and we want to grow it to be genuinely representative of the wider community in Frome. This is part of a long-term strategy to increase our diversity in terms of race, age, sexual orientation and background. 

Board members get involved with the strategic development of the organisation and may take on additional roles to support the staff team. We are specifically seeking people with skills in any one of the following: social enterprise, HR, marketing, diversity & inclusion, finance and fundraising or experience of being a student on one of our programmes.

Click for more details and info on how to apply

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Kickstart has been a massive game-changer for me!
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Edventure: Frome are a local not-for-profit organisation working closely with young people and the wider community in Frome. Having seen how the pandemic has disproportionately affected young people, Edventure decided to take practical action to combat soaring unemployment amongst under 25s in our community. In March 2020 they launched their Kickstart: Frome project, partnering with local organisations to access the Government’s Kickstart Scheme and create paid, part-time job placements for people aged-18-24 on Universal Credit. So far 88 kickstart placements have been created with 32 different employers in Frome and surrounding areas.

As well as paid work for 6 months, young people also get to work on a climate project within their organisation, and they come together once a week at Edventure for a training programme specially designed to support them to step towards a livelihood that matters to them. Here, one Kickstarter shares her story:

Sylvie shares her experience of having a placement with Kickstart: Frome

Kickstart has turned out to be a massive game changer for me, and I am truly grateful for the scheme. It came at a time where I felt I was hanging on by a thread. Like lots of people, I lost my job last year due to Covid, disrupting my plans to move to Bristol and leave home (again). In retrospect, it’s easy to look back and see my kickstart experience in black and white: I was made redundant and consequently had to put my plans on hold for a while, then kickstart came along and my placement allowed me to find a full time job in Bristol and get back on track. 

Sylvie at her Kickstart Placement with Edventure: Frome

So the scheme fulfilled its purpose; to put young people in a better position to find a job. However, I think the important bit is how it put me in a better position. It’s easy to overlook the fact that both the job centre and Edventure were dealing with people who had been pretty shaken up by lockdown. I think it’s fair to say that people across the board had been badly affected by the pandemic, so it wasn’t your average recruitment process. 

At first I was skeptical that this was a government ‘numbers game’ initiative, but luckily kickstart totally proved me wrong. It’s structured in such a way that recognises what many 18 – 24 year olds must’ve been through. So many young people were forced to put their lives on hold. It takes a lot of energy to work out what you want to do at that age and put yourself out there, and it’s near impossible to do so and keep that momentum going during a pandemic. I treated applying for jobs like a 9 – 5 job in itself and I wish I didn’t because it is soul destroying. 

But alas, Kickstart came along and I could finally apply to jobs that I was interested in. Jobs with local companies that I knew and liked, jobs that I knew I stood a chance of getting, and jobs that I actually heard back from. The government funded scheme allowed small businesses, who wouldn’t necessarily be in a position to afford to employ someone else, to create opportunities for people. I was lucky enough to be given a few offers which, besides instilling some confidence in me, enabled me to connect with some ace people and see how small businesses have weathered, or came into fruition during the pandemic.

Getting certified in first-aid at Edventure’s weekly Kickstart: Frome Training

Alongside gaining skills within a company I admired, I also attended the kickstart training with Edventure. This involved a range of interesting, varied sessions on confidence, intrapreneurship, climate change, and first-aid-training. Whilst we were constantly told throughout the pandemic that we’re all ‘in this together’, it’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re isolated in a room, sending applications out to the abyss. The Kickstart training enabled me to meet other people who all shared their individual experiences of the pandemic. It took seeing people in person and hearing everyone’s stories to realise that I really wasn’t the only one going through it. We were all in a similar boat (sinking!). But now I am finally moving forwards with cautious optimism. 

Collecting donations of gardening tools for the Future Shed Frome project.

Overall, kickstart has done much more than get me a job. It has provided me with a network of support, allowed me to connect with interesting, resilient small businesses, and built my confidence back up again. I feel hopeful and excited for the future again, and I have Kickstart to thank. I am very grateful for it and would encourage anyone in the position to apply to a kickstart position to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for career experience or you’re just looking for a stop-gap to earn some extra income. The nature of the scheme is to help young people get back on their feet. It’s flexible, supportive, varied and there are some really great paid opportunities that 18 – 24 year olds wouldn’t usually have access to. I feel like if you’re looking for work, you have nothing to lose by applying. 

If you’re aged 16-24 and unemployed, check out currently available placements at Kickstart: Frome. You’ll get a paid, part-time, 6-month job placement within a local organisation. You’ll also become part of a cohort of young adults in/around Frome who participate in weekly training sessions by Edventure: Frome that offer practical support to increase your long-term chances of employment, to provide an environment for action learning and reflection, and to deepen your knowledge of sustainability issues and the green sector. Our intention is to support you to build a livelihood that matters to you.

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Edventure:Frome and Shared Earth Learning Partner-Up!
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Edventure: Frome and Shared Earth Learning (SELCo) have formed a new partnership to create a land-based initiative in Frome. Students on the upcoming Edventure Start-Up Course will be challenged to create a viable growing enterprise on behalf of SELCo.

SELCo is a local co-operative that offers forest school sessions for children who struggle in mainstream education. They find that at the age of 16, their members reach a crunch point when they are expected to get a job, go into training, or step into further education but often lack the necessary qualifications, skills and support.  

Shared Earth Learning – A Frome-based not-for-profit whose mission is to grow people’s wellbeing outdoors and ensure that local people have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with the natural world.

Alex Hart, Director of SELCo says, “There are more than a million young people in the UK who are NEET. Young people with the potential to do well can be caught in a merry-go-round of boredom, low self-esteem, and lack of direction. This can turn into feelings of isolation and resentment, and anti-social behaviour patterns that negatively impact the wider community. We aim to create a space that will boost the self-esteem that life and school have eroded, will connect them with the land, wildlife, and environment we so need to care for and show that there is a way for young people to earn a meaningful income and make the contribution of which they are capable.”o

The idea is that a team of young adults (18-35-ish) on Edventure’s upcoming Start-Up Course will create a real, local enterprise to empower 16-18-year-olds to make a viable living by growing edible produce on the land at Vallis Veg. Over 11 weeks, a team of students will be guided through Edventure’s tried and tested social enterprise start-up model. They’ll design a business model that can support 16-18-year-olds to earn an income, learn skills, connect with nature, and feel a sense of belonging. They’ll also set up the physical infrastructure to grow edible produce on the land; building an all-singing, all-dancing polytunnel, setting up irrigation systems, perhaps even building a composting loo?

PCSO Gary Maule of Frome’s Neighbourhood Policing team has seen first-hand the need for projects to support this age group in Frome. He says, ‘‘We have a lot of sixteen-year-olds that could really do with some support. I think young people would benefit hugely from taking part in something that’s hands-on and social. There’s a whole range of skills they could glean from this. It will allow young people to interact and set them up for the future. I think people will embrace it with open arms.’’

The Edventure Start-Up Course is designed to support a team of people to make ideas real. Students will learn how to start-up a social enterprise, engage the community, plan a business, facilitate a group and manage a project. They’ll be supported by expert facilitators and coaches throughout, and will also learn sustainable permaculture methods with SELCo. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, to help create a more sustainable future, and to create a kind of legacy.

Image: Edventure’s Previous Start-Up Student Team started “Loop: Frome” a community composting enterprise that takes commercial food waste and transforms it into worm and nutrient-rich compost to be cycled back into our local land.

Tugba (3rd from left in the above image) was a student on the previous Edventure Start-Up Course, she says, “What Edventure does is really real. It is real business in real life. It’s real learning and real, authentic communication” 

The Start-Up Course runs from Mon 13 September to Fri 3 December. If you’re aged 18-35(ish) and are interested in joining Edventure and SELCo part-time for 11 weeks this Autumn to start up a project that lives on after the course, and supports vulnerable 16-18-year-olds to make a living on the land, find out more and apply at:

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Edventure: Tour Spring 2021
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Experience Edventure Initiatives First-Hand on Wednesday 16th June 

You may have heard of the Community Fridge, you might’ve borrowed something from the Share Shop, or maybe you know someone who attended a social enterprise course in town? But have you heard of Edventure:Frome? If you’re not quite sure exactly who/what Edventure:Frome actually is, you’re not alone! Over the years, many people from far and wide have called up to ask if they can film, interview or simply find out more about the CIC. The staff felt that they didn’t have enough time to discuss their projects in depth, hence why they decided to carve out some time, three days a year, to tell their story. 

On June 16th, Edventure will run an interactive warts-and-all walking tour where you can experience the company’s local initiatives first hand. This is your chance to join the dots, meet the fine folk behind the scenes, ask your questions, and receive honest, nuts & bolts answers. We’ll walk at a nice leisurely pace, paying a visit to the weird and wonderful enterprises set up by the students on the Start Up course; all of which aim to reduce Frome’s carbon footprint. The itinerary is as follows:

Share Shop – Gather at 9.30 outside the Share Shop where you’ll meet the manager and find out all about what the shop offers and how you can get involved. 

Community Fridge Meet the managers of the Community Fridge whose mission is to reduce Frome’s  food waste. 

Roundhouse – Visit the outdoor community space by the river, en-route to the Welsh Mill Hub. 

The Welsh Mill Hub – Check out the community venue and co-working space where Edventure:Frome are based. Take a look at the Ed Space, Edventure’s tiny home, and meet the people who run the hub and lead Edventure’s programmes including:

  • Green & Healthy Futures for Frome: Hannah Burd – A new programme that’s working to create a kinder, greener, fairer world 
  • Routes Sessions: Cassie Morris – Weekly support sessions for young people in Frome 
  • Make Shed: Cassie Morris – A weekly session to work on practical and creative projects
  • The Kickstart Scheme: Laura Emptage – Supporting local business, young adults & sustainability in/around Frome 
  • Short Courses: Lisa Hawes – Lisa will discuss the variety of short courses that the company offers to help people to step towards a livelihood that matters to them.
  • The Start Up Course: Doug Stewart – Meet the current Start Up team who are working on a compost project; taking people’s food waste and transforming it into nutrient rich compost to be cycled back into our land. 

Q&A with the M.D – For the grand finale, you’ll meet Edventure:Frome’s founder and managing director Johannes Moeller and ask any burning questions you might have off the back of the tour!

Optional Lunch – Afterwards, you’re welcome to join us for lunch; Tibetan Memories at The Good Heart: exploring kindness, where we’ll  continue the conversation and enjoy some delicious homemade food. 
Everyone is welcome and the tour is FREE to Frome residents.
Book your space here:

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A Green & Healthy Future for Frome has launched!
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Here’s what you need to know

A Green & Healthy Future for Frome wants to achieve a health and climate win-win. How? Through a town-wide partnership with Edventure: Frome, Frome Medical Practice, Frome Town Council and you! The programme, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, is based on the idea that people’s health and the health of the planet are intertwined – if we improve one, we’ll also improve the other. Our new initiatives include…

Frome Future Shed 

What skills or practical activities do you think Frome needs to be equipped for a greener, healthier future? Future Shed brings local people together to shape the town’s future in positive, practical ways. Share your ideas on our live ideas board and add your comments to the many ideas that have already been shared. We will matchmake popular ideas with local people who can take them forward, or offer free start-up training and advice to help bring your ideas to life. We also offer free activities for anyone wanting simply to get involved. On the 29th of May you can attend a free Community Bike Repair workshop in partnership with ding! in Victoria Park.

From 13th June, sign up to a weekly Green Gym session with Frome Field 2 Fork – a way to get exercise outdoors into nature, form connections and learn new skills. Book here:
Add ideas here:

Green Community Connectors

Health Connections Mendip is offering free monthly training open to all.  Lasting approximately one hour, these sessions explore how to take positive steps to make a difference to our planet and our wellbeing, as an individual or within the community.Sign up through Health Connections Mendip website, Let’s Connect: or call 01373 468368.

Cycle Together

The Cycle Together scheme allows people to borrow an e-bike plus essential cycling accessories for four weeks so that they can tackle Frome’s hills and improve their health whilst reducing pollution and congestion. Participants will also receive six hours of guided rides. This has proven popular already with bike slots already booked up to the end of June, but more slots will become available soon.For more information visit

Healthy Homes 

Healthy Homes is a partnership between Frome Town Council, Frome Medical Practice and the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). The project will ensure that Frome residents get the support they need to live in a warm, healthy environment- whether that’s helping people on low incomes to access financial support for energy efficiency measures, or providing retrofit advice to a homeowner wishing to make upgrades to their home. A range of training will be available free to all who want to understand more about their home energy. For more information visit

Join us!

Would you be interested in joining Green & Healthy Future for Frome’s Board for a term of up to one year? Get in touch with [email protected] for more information. 

Check out the recording of our launch event here:

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Short Courses at Edventure:Frome
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Supporting local people to step towards a livelihood that matters to them. 

Interested in building a resilient community, making money from your craft, or setting up a food producing business? Edventure:Frome are hosting a range of funded short courses, led by local experts, centered around helping people to create a more sustainable, resilient local community. Whether  you’re starting out, scaling up, or simply interested in finding out more, this is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn from local entrepreneurs with real, practical experience. Lisa Hawes, Edventure’s Business Development and Communications Lead says, ‘these courses are all about exploration, pulling a thread and seeing what happens. They’re for anyone who is seeking support to make their ideas real.’ 

Thanks to support from Frome Town Council, events will be held in the Town Hall. They’ll run from 9.30 – 12.30, and you can attend online or in person. Tickets are funded by Somerset Skills and Learning, you just need to pay a £5 booking fee to secure an in-person place, and complete a couple of forms before and after the event. 

8th June: Resilience Practice for Communities & Businesses

How can we bounce back from the pandemic, or better yet, rebuild our local economy in a green, fair, sustainable way? Head to Frome Town Hall and learn from the wonderful people who are making it happen: serial entrepreneur Gavin Eddy, who famously founded the Frome Independent Market and Forward Space; author and lecturer Jean Boulton; coach, catalyst and systemic practitioner, Jane James; Frome Town Council’s Community Development Manager, Kate Hellard; and Edventure’s own Neil Oliver and Johannes Moeller (Director and MD). Come and discuss how we can pull together to make the most of our local resources. 

10th June: Making Making into a Business 

Making Making is coming to Shepton! Following the success of the short course in Frome, experts Liz Huband of Badger House Leather at Black Swan Arts, and Johannes Moeller will be popping up in Shepton Mallet to spread their knowledge and share their stories. Find out how Liz successfully turned her passion for sustainable leather into a business, and how Johannes co-founded Edventure and helped many people set up their social/creative enterprise. They’ll share their wisdom on how to make money by doing what you love. Bring your creativity, ideas, and products if you wish to share them. 

22nd July: Future Growers & Farmers – Starting up a Food Producing Business 

The pandemic shed light on the vulnerabilities of our food supply chains; increased demand shortens supply chains, and climate change continues to impact our resources. Producing food and farming on a small scale is an essential step towards a sustainable future. It’s not easy, but people such as Cordelia Rowlatt, co-founder of Vallis Veg ,and Hannah Steenbergen, founder of Meadowsweet are leading the way. If you’re green-fingered, perhaps this is the perfect time to start up a small-scale food producing business?! 

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Make:Shed is Back (in real life)
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Make:Shed are happy to be back in ‘real life’, opening our doors every Thursday evening and welcoming members new and old. 

After many zooms sessions, we are reintroducing our weekly creative sessions at the Hub. For the time being, spaces are limited, so be sure to book ahead by sending us quick message!

For those unfamiliar with Make:Shed, it’s a place where 18-35 year olds, who live within the Frome area, can get together, learn new skills, and create. The workshop space is based in the Remakery in the Welshmill Hub; it’s one of the many wonderful projects to be born from our Start Up course. Once a week, young people can come and explore woodwork, metalwork, art, crafts and much more. We want these sessions to be available to everybody, that’s why they’re completely free! All you have to do is book. 

 Upcoming sessions include:

27.05.21 – Planters from Pallets 

03.06.21 – Green Woodworking 

10.06.21 – Wet Felting

17.06.21 – Handbuild Pottery

Since its opening in 2019, the Shed have grown a truly strong, creativity community. We’ve hosted a diverse mix of creative and practical workshops and invited many skilled artists and workers to share their craft. The programme is very much led by what the students want to do. Many long term members of Make:Shed are now leading the sessions, passing down the skills they’ve learnt at the Shed. It’s a great way for them to learn and share skills.

At the Hub, you’ll have access to lots of handy tools, and you can also get support to sell what you make, whether that’s online or at the Frome Independent when it restarts. It’s a chance to get hands-on, create something physical, and most importantly, be together. Make:Shed Programmes Lead Cassie Morris says, ‘’Yes it’s about making things, but it’s also a place for people to come to have a change of space and socialise. It’s been running every week for two years now; it feels like the heartbeat of Edventure.’’ 

Keep an eye out for any classes that take your fancy via our social media @MAKESHEDfrome, or message 07434 667373. If you’re interested in tutoring, email [email protected]

Remakery, Welshmill Hub, 6-9pm Thursdays. 

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Let’s build a green and healthy future for Frome!
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Share your ideas – we can help them grow

The Edventure Frome team is delighted to be kicking-off a new partnership with Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council. We are working together to build a greener, healthier future for Frome by asking “What can we do locally to improve our wellbeing, whilst also improving the health of the planet?” Here are three things you can do to get involved:

1. Share an idea or two on our online ideas platform

2. Register for the launch event on April 29th at 12.45pm

3. Ask for support to get an idea you want to get off the ground – message [email protected]

Projects that create benefits for both climate and health come in many shapes and sizes. Getting on bikes rather than in cars both reduces our carbon footprint and is good for our health; growing veg can be good for mental health and is greener than buying produce from supermarkets; car sharing can help people make closer friendships and save on petrol; time spent active in nature can reduce our need for more medication. 

Online vision board

Do you have an idea for a project that would be good for both health and the planet?

This vision board is a platform for your ideas and priorities, and what we collectively want to see happen in Frome. With our funding from the Community Fund, we have the chance to explore how we can develop the most popular ideas further, and invite local people to get involved. The ideas also help us plan our programme of activities and events. 

If you have an idea that you are committed to make happen yourself, have a look below at the project support that we can provide. Visit our online vision board to have a look and add your idea or email it to [email protected] and we’ll add it for you. 

Launch event

Do you want to find out more?

We look forward to welcoming you to our first public online meeting on April 29th at 12.45 – please join us if you can. Find out about free electric bikes that are coming to town soon or help to make your home warmer and healthier. We’ll also share more about how to sign up for free training provided by Health Connections Mendip for anyone interested in being part of a green and healthy future for the community of Frome. Register on Eventbrite

Project Support

Do you want to bring an idea to life and need support? 

We can provide start-up mentoring, training, coaching, meeting rooms or help making local connections – free for anyone who is working on an activity, project or business with the potential to both improve people’s health and address climate change. Interested? Email [email protected] and we can arrange a call.

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Annual Impact report 2019 – 2020
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We are delighted to share our story from 2019-2020. Our most recent impact report is now online and you can download it below. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our Edventure journey for our year in lockdown. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our reflections, feedback and stats.

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