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Job opportunity at Edventure: Project and Communications Manager
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Apply by 9am 31 Dec 2020.

Can you work with us to create a green & healthy future for Frome?

Edventure: Frome CIC, Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council are working in partnership on a 2-year project funded by the National Lottery and their dedicated Climate Action Fund to explore how we can create a climate and health win-win by working together as a community. We will be developing and supporting community-led, practical initiatives that give people the opportunity to increase their health & wellbeing and reduce their climate impact. 

Project and Communications Manager. Edventure: Frome

4-5 days/week

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The purpose of this role is to assure the successful delivery of this project, including managerial, budgetary and delivery responsibilities. The post holder will join the core delivery team for this project, alongside two other roles that the partnership is currently recruiting for (a Green Health & Green Community Connector based at Frome Medical Practice and a Researcher position based at Frome Town Council (click links to view the opportunities), and will also report to the cross-sector partnership board.

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Kickstart Tutor & Programme Lead
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The Government’s new ‘Kickstart Scheme’ (set up in response to Covid-19) gives businesses 100% funding to provide paid job placements to young people. But, businesses need to offer 30+ placements to apply! So we’ve partnered with local organisations in the green / sustainable / community sector to access the scheme together. Between us, we’ve created placements across food production, retail, manufacturing, services, green building and sharing/repairing in & around Frome. Young people can apply via the Job Centre only and will also receive a training programme run by Edventure. More details here.

Kickstart Tutor & Programme Lead – Job Opportunity at Edventure

The purpose of this job is to lead the training & employability programme and support our partners. It also provides the opportunity to further develop our programmes beyond the Kickstart scheme, with a focus on the green and community sector.

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Apply by 9am Mon 7 Dec 2020.

Contributing to a greener, fairer, kinder world.

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Edventure 15 Start Up students launch ding
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We are ding, a mobile community bike workshop for Frome set up by a team of students on Edventure’s 15th Start-Up Course. 

We are passionate about creating a confident cycling community and bringing hands-on bike repair workshops to Frome. One of ding’s goals is to make cycling more accessible, by empowering people through learning basic repairs for their bikes with the help and expertise from professionals around Frome. 

We have just received funding from the Postcode Lottery to run monthly pop-up bike repair days, starting Saturday 12th December from 9:00 – 15:00 in 3 locations: The Welsh Mill Hub, the bandstand at Victoria Park and the community hub at the Mount. If you have a bike that’s in need of some TLC, email us on [email protected] to book a 30-minute slot for mini bike servicing and repairs on Saturday 12th December to book a free space. Donations will be asked for, but there is no formal charge.

Maria, Head of Business planning and strategy at ding says “we are thrilled to be able to offer regular monthly pop up bike repair services in Frome. There’s been a surge in interest in cycling throughout the Covid pandemic and we want to play a part in getting people back on their bikes”.

We’re planning to launch ding digitally through our Instagram and Facebook with a big thunderclap moment and would love your help. 

Jake, Project Manager at ding says planning the launch event has been challenging, but I am excited that we have come up with the thunderclap event where we are going to create an online storm! I’m forming part of the transition team, where I will help set us up as a CIC (community interest company). It is also great that we have received £2,000 from the Postcode Lottery”. 

We’re making a short video which we will be posting on Friday the 13th of November. We would love to invite you to share it widely and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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By Kasia Bishop

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Mobile Bike Workshop! Start Up15. Week 1
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Building a community around an idea.. week 1 of pop up community bike workshop start up.
Last week was the beginning of our EdVenture adventure! Arriving Monday morning not knowing what was instore and new to Frome was exciting and a little daunting.. we quickly introduced ourselves, and sat down to begin, this is the team for the next 10weeks.
We have been given the task of creating a mobile community bike workshop that is to be transported around Frome packed into an electric cargo bike, ideas were whizzing around my head but first we had to become a team and build our own start up 15 community.
Our first team task was to imagine Frome in 2030, which we soon found out was a long enough timescale to dream big. This is what social enterprises are all about, the power to change our future, hopefully for the better!

After coming up with lots of ideas we then talked about what was possible, illustrated some of our ideas and presented them imagining we had achieved and implemented our plan for a super green Frome. This was a great way to think positively and expansively about what was possible. It also brought us into working together, communicating ideas and presenting as a team.

Tuesday morning brought colour, creativity and some closer team bonding by sharing some of our personal journeys of how we got to this point in life. This highlighted how different everyone’s story is and also how connected we all are through humanity, hard times and good.I really enjoyed this task as it brought us closer together as a group and gave me a chance to do some drawing and colouring (something which was long overdue!)

Wednesday turned out to be a big day. We had 5 hours to design, plan and put on an event, that evening, for 30 people (who luckily had already been invited) it seemed like ALOT of pressure. The excited energy in the room was palpable and we harnessed it well, using various tools that we had been taught during the previous days. Fast forward a few hours and there we were 5.30pm moving tables around and eagerly anticipating the arrival of our guests.. this event was to start building a community around our project, for people interested to meet us and to share some more information about what we were planning to do.

After a presentation of our project and Q&A session we all sat down to eat some delicious curry from Mahesh. The general chat was about bikes and all things cycling, we gathered information, met local supporters and had a bright, successful evening. Quite an achievement for a days work!
The next day the team was buzzing, with a positive event experience under our belts we had definitely bonded our start up 15 community. This was affirmed by group discussion and feedback on our ‘performance’ praise all round! I ended the week on a high, looking forward to what was instore…

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Time for a New Edventure? Voluntary Director Position
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Apply by 30 Oct 2020

Introduction to Edventure

Edventure Frome is an award-winning community enterprise based in Frome, Somerset. As a school for community enterprise, we run programmes for young adults and courses for people of all ages, as well as several community initiatives and satellite enterprises, such as The Welsh Mill Hub and Share – a library of things. What we care about is contributing to a strong community, growing meaningful livelihoods and building ventures as part of a sustainable, net-zero carbon economy that works for all.

Role overview

We are a Community Interest Company, overseen by a board of 5 voluntary Directors and a paid Managing Director with a team of 7 staff. Our existing board is diverse in its range of skills and experience, and we want to grow it to be genuinely representative of the wider community in Frome. This is part of a long-term strategy to increase our diversity in terms of race, age, sexual orientation and background. 

Board members get involved with the strategic development of the organisation and may take on additional roles to support the staff team. We are specifically seeking people with skills in any one of the following: social enterprise, HR, marketing, diversity & inclusion, finance and fundraising or experience of being a student on one of our programmes.

Click for more details and info on how to apply

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A green & healthy future… Frome in 2030.
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How can we combine the two of the top issues that people care about in the UK and Frome – the climate and health?

Edventure Frome CIC, Frome Medical Practise and Frome Town Council are initiating a partnership to tell a new story of how healthy people and a healthy planet are linked. We want to explore how everyone in Frome can work together to come up with solutions to enable us to reach our target of net-zero carbon by 2030 at the same time as increasing health & wellbeing in our community. 

It would be great to hear from you if you are interested to get involved and please sign up to our newsletter if you want to stay in the loop about this. We are currently in the process of applying for funding from the Climate Action Fund, and hope to start work by January 2021 at the latest.  

Below are a three short videos with more information on where we got to and the bid that we are preparing:

Thanks for reading and we hope we can work on this together with you soon. The Partnership Board

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Help us set up a travelling community bike workshop on an electric cargo bike
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Do you want to help start a pop up community bike workshop for Frome?

This will be the challenge for students on our Edventure:Start – Up course, a free, part time 10-week training in community entrepreneurship.
You can apply now to join the team or if you want to be involved or stay in touch in other ways, please sing up to our community launch event, the edventure Soup, on September 9th.

COVID 19 has led to a huge rise in cycling in the UK, and for many people cycling has become the safest way of travelling. This is the perfect time to start a cycling initiative to help people care for new bikes and fix up old ones..

The student team’s challenge will be to set up a travelling, pop-up community bike workshop on an electric cargo bike. The aim is to run outdoor bicycle repair and maintenance workshops across Frome’s estates and neighbourhoods, and a repair service for those who cannot access existing commercial services.

We want to play a part in helping people to get around safely in the age of COVID 19 and gain skills for looking after their bikes. We also want to cut carbon emissions and create meaningful employment opportunities.

During this programme you will be guided through the basics of setting up a social enterprise, putting what you learn into practice. Your team will build a community around the idea, carry out research and design a business model based on this research. During the final part of the programme, you will be supported to create and carry out a project plan, turning the ideas into reality.

Other things you will have the opportunity to learn include fundraising, facilitation, giving presentations and organising events.

This programme begins on the 7th of September and runs for 10 weeks till the 12th of November. Attendees are expected to be at Edventure: Frome Mondays – Thursdays, 9.15 -2.30pm.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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Job opportunity at Edventure: Start-up course lead
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Apply by July 26th 2020. We are looking for an team entrepreneurship facilitator & trainer with experience in course management and social enterprise to deliver and grow our 10-week flagship course in community entrepreneurship. The aim of this job is to enable young adults to step towards a livelihood that matters to them and build initiatives and enterprises that make a tangible difference in local communities. We are looking for an approachable professional who can guide our teams through the ups and downs of a start-up journey. As well as helping the students to succeed with their project, the facilitator’s role is to support students with their learning and development as they go through the process.  

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Student Reflections: Adapting and Creating
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Hello! It’s Tammie here. After having been a student on the last Start-Up project (setting up the community plant nursery in Mells) I’ve come back to assist with the facilitation of the current course.

The original brief for the team was to create a community bike workshop for Frome, and it was great to see such enthusiasm and interest from everyone who came to the SOUP event on the 11th of March.

Sadly but understandably we have now had to postpone that plan due to the impact of COVID-19.  Recognising the role edventure plays in supporting the community, we have been looking at how we might adapt to meet the present and evolving needs we will be facing over the coming months. We have transitioned to continue delivering a reshaped version of the Start-Up course online, with facilitated project focused and personal development sessions, skill sharing and mentoring.

The wonderful group of humans who make up the Start-Up student team have been working on how they might create initiatives that will support others and themselves at this time, (while navigating working remotely and relying on digital communication…I am sure many of you can relate to the challenges of this!).

One project that has come out of this is a Frome community Exhibition- ‘creation from isolation’, an opportunity for people to create something over this period of isolation that will be showcased at a community art exhibition once we are able to come together again. Stay tuned on our social media networks for more updates and how you can get involved.

This unprecedented situation we are in is causing a lot of hardship, and I recognise that the impacts look different for everyone. What I hope, and what I have seen, is that people coming together on projects like this is creating a network of support that will help ease the struggles we face, and as we navigate what is unfolding, create connection and give purpose.

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