Jazzy Jasmine tells the story of week 7 on the Start – Up course

The story of week 7 on the ‘Developing SHARE’ Start-UP course

Jazzy Jasmine from Vietnam visited edventure for 6 weeks and worked with the student team to develop the Frome Share shop.

Jasmine is on a year long fellowship program visiting enterprise education initiatives across the world and hopes to set up something similar to edventure in Vietnam one day.

Follow Jasmines journey via her video blog

Hey! This is Jaz. I am on my one-year journey travel around the world pursuing my passion for social entrepreneurship. I spent the past 6 weeks working with Edventure, a school for community enterprise. On the final week of our start-up course, we went on a residential trip to reflect on the experience, and of course, had lots of fun and memories together! Check out the highlights and lessons learnt from this memorable trip!