Week 1: The start of something amazing!

Oh boy,

What an amazing week this has been, one that was phenomenal and one that won’t be forgotten. As a group coming together from all areas, we have developed a fantastic team that has the potential to achieve extraordinary and exciting things to help change and educate people in the way we look at clothing and how to reduce and prevent waste. Not only do we have a great team, we are lucky to have Liz and Lizzie who are so passionate in their knowledge and beliefs, (for more information on them, visit their website.) to support our team in refining down ideas and working towards finalising a direction of travel.

We are also happy to be partnered up with Amelia who is our course facilitator from Edventure!

On Wednesday night, we produced an introduction event – a brief about what we intend to do and how we plan to achieve it. We only had a few hours to prepare our evening but we pulled it off giving our audience an overview of the course and getting them up to speed on ethical fashion, as well as being inspired by their own stories. We also produced not one but two homemade soups, sourced from local businesses in Frome.

It was a week in which we reflected on, ourselves, our values and how we have a wealth of skills to offer, in: needle-work, sewing, art and design, photography and business management, to bring to the project for the community of Frome.

We are so very grateful for the enormous support we received from our first event, for those who came to listen, who gave us positive feedback, for sharing soup and friendship.

We hope you had an insight into the clothing journey (where it starts and where it ends!) We hope to provide you with the knowledge to think about what you wear and where and how it was made and to generate some solutions to your personal clothing dilemmas.

Please keep up to date with our blog and like our new Facebook page to see more of how we are developing!

Let’s make this 10 (now 9) weeks amazing and achievable.

With lots of love, happiness and health.

The Edventure 11 team, Benedict, Laura, Amy, Rosa, Iona, Ruby and Leah