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Week 5: Communications, assignments, field trips and colds….

Another week hard at work on organising our organisation! This week we nailed the communication strategy, so as long as we find an army of workers for the communication Zoo you’ll be seeing and hearing allot more from us through blogs, facebook, twitter and a newsletter!

Harry and Camilla have been working really hard to organise our catering assignment for Frome’s very own Independents Day (Sat the 17th of Nov – don’t miss it!) . They have been meeting lots of really great local suppliers and getting advice and recipes from caterers. The food is set to be delicious and educational! These two food mad edventurers have also been getting all our group food organised, which will include a weekly organic veg bag to take home for everyone and a christmas hamper from Frome Wholefoods, we are eternally grateful!

Ben went on a really inspiring trip up to the College Project in Bristol, a 6 acre campus that has been transformed over the past two years in to a vibrant, creative community learning space, a huge inspiration for the Edventure Hub ( Ben is hoping to take the whole group up some time in the next month….

Ben also went with Zoe down to visit Vallis Veg to chat growing with Chris Smadge. There are lots of potential project to do on the land down there, most likely in the Spring, and we will be doing some work in exchange for vegetables for the delicious soups we will be making for Independents Day.

With 4 out of 7 of us down with heavy colds, and Johannes away in Rome it was a very unconventional monday meeting today, at home by the fire with plenty of lemon and ginger tea. Still an exciting week planned with some of the group going off to work at the half-term Forest School with Helen Moore and Alex Hart, others visiting the Weston Super Mare Wood Recycling project, and a big group gardening session down at Vallis Veg on Friday.

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Week 4: An ongoing assignment… creating our organisational structure.

I don’t think any of us realised quite what a big assignment creating our organisational structure would be! From the seriously practical topics of Food and Finance to creating and managing our curriculum, assignments and communications channels, we have allot on our hands. We are all learning a shed-load, and that is what this assignment is all about.

This week, we used our group time to break out into action teams to get organised, plan, and write proposals and policies to structure our exciting year ahead. Working at our basecamp at the Vallis Youth and Community Centre, our homes and the new Works Canteen (which we all love) we really got down to business and Frome felt like a busy hive of activity, including a good handful of chance and fortunate encounters. We are really excited about working with the new manager of the Youth and Community Centre, Mark. He got what we are doing straight away and has a really exciting assignments to pitch us this Thursday – The Apprentice Style!

Today’s meeting took us deep into the realms of our personal and organisational finances. For many reasons it was decided that rather than 50% of money made on assignments being put in an ‘investment fund’ (as we have been calling it), any money will be split amongst participants directly. Also, after a long ‘council’ style meeting, there was a strong sense that the three criteria for judging assignments (1 – community impact, 2 – learning opportunity, 3 – value exchange) is very important to everyone, and that we want to encourage non-monetary exchanges. Having focused a lot on our organisational structure and group work we are planning to make more space for participants to launch themselves more fully into their personal projects so watch the space in the coming weeks….

This week, Ben and Zoe are off to meet with Chris and Cordelia who previously ran Vallis veg and are now looking for new opportunities to best utilise their beautiful 18 acre site on the edge of Frome. We have set ourselves a 4 week challenge to get a 10 minute cabaret piece together for a *secret performance (please email one of us for details), which we are very fortunate to have Annabell Macfadyen to help us devise. We are busy organising some exciting workshops that have been offered by people locally in response to our curriculum post (link). And we have scheduled a long overdue storytelling evening for the group this Thursday…

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Edventure Frome Flyer November 2012

A new flyer has been produced!

Front page:

Back page:

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The Edventure Frome Curriculum

We have been busy designing our own curriculum based on our experiences from the assignments we have done and ones we would like to do in the future. There are key areas that we would really like your support, in the form of workshops or even ad-hoc advice.  At this point in time we are hoping that people will be happy to donate or negotiate a barter exchange for their time in order to support us and the work we are doing in Frome. Do you have skills or experience related to the curriculum themes below that you would like to share? Please get in touch, email [email protected]



Current Priorities

  • Project/event Management and Leadership
  • Ethical Small Business Start-up
  • Social Media
  • Hosting Community Events in Frome
  • Fundraising / Crowd-funding


  • History of Frome
  • Public Speaking
  • Coaching skills
  • Building a personal practise for wellbeing
  • Running and organising Campaigns
  • Group Facilitation and Dynamics
  • Graphic Recording
  • Design thinking
  • Accounting and book keeping
  • Team building
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication
  • Collaborative Decision making
  • Web-design
  • Marketing




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Meet the participants: The Edventure Frome Brochure is now online

To find out who our participants are, what we will do, and what support we need have a look at our brochure.

Download (3.5MB): Edventure Frome 2012


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We are getting ready to play in Frome!

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On Elephants, Edventure Frome and education

There is a huge elephant in our lecture rooms, and it seems like most people choose not to notice. The cost of further education is rising, and what is learned seems less and less relevant and useful for creating a sustainable and fulfilling livelihood. Education needs a rethink. Edventure Frome is one of many exciting prototypes that are doing education differently…

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Somerset Standard reporting on Edventure Frome – by Caroline Wood

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Open day on Saturday 14th for interested participants

Anyone interested is welcome to come join our saturday the 14ht Open Day in Frome, to meet the people involved, help co-design the programme and get a taste for what the year will be like. If you are consideraing joining us please email [email protected]

Overview of the day

1pm – Lunch (provided by edventure: Frome)

2pm – A collaborative learning challenge

5 – 6.30pm – Co-design session (join us via skyp if you can’t make it)

We will be cooking together in the evening, and head out into town for the last night of the Frome Festival!!!!

(very basic accomodation can be provided for those having to travel to Frome – just let us know!)

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PRESS RELEASE edventure: Frome – 04.07.2012

PRESS RELEASE –  04.07.2012

edventure: Frome is a new local opportunity for adults (+20) who

  • are looking to make a change – in their own lives and their community.
  • and want to make a living by doing something positive.

Our 10 month, full-time programme is launching this September. The aim is for people to learn and prepare for doing what they really want to do, while supporting Frome in becoming an even better place to live..

What and how people learn
There are two parts to the programme:

(1) People get support in directing their own learning and development. For example, the programme works with the wider Frome community to enable people to get a part-time apprenticeship or work-experience, start a business or project, do research, learn a skill, or get a formal qualification.

(2) People gain transferable skills, earn money, and contribute positively to Frome through a series of practical assignments. For example, the team solves a problem for a local business or the Town Council, or converts a underutilised building into a financially sustainable community hub.

In essence, the programme is free. People are asked to fundraise a minimum of £1000 that goes towards a communal food budget and investment fund they can administer during the programme.

About Us
edventure: Frome will be a Community Interest Company and is already working in partnership with various local organisations, including: Frome Fit for the Future – Communities Living Sustainably, Frome Community Education, Mendip YMCA, Frome Foyer, Frome Town Council, The Cheese and Grain, Frome TV, & Forward Space / Old Church School. The Directors –  Johannes Moeller and Temujen Gunawardena – have a envisaged and run courses like this before. They both live in Frome, and are themselves under 30.
Opportunities to Get Involved
Open Day, 14th July, 1pm – 9pm. For people who may want to participate on the programme. Adults any age are invited, and asked to be in touch beforehand to arrange an informal chat (Contact: Temujen Gunawardena: 07892679391 or [email protected]).

Co-design Day, July 25th, 7.30-9pm, Sun Street Chapel. For Anyone interested. The day is about exploring how edventure: Frome can best benefit the town, and how as community members, you can support other (young) adults to create a meaningful livelihood that also makes a positive contribution to the community. (Contact: Johannes Moeller: 077 067 616 22 or [email protected])

edventure: Frome is also looking for people and businesses in Frome to

  • Provide mentoring, teaching, apprenticeship placements and work-experience,
  • set the people on the programme team paid assignments and challenges,
  • Offer a room for a participant for work-exchange.

web:    email: [email protected]

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