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Dr Sam Evans on Edventure: Frome’s Start-Up Support
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Sam speaks about making her ideas for a community plant nursery a reality…

Edventure Short Courses

‘I have been coming to Edventure workshops for the last couple of years. They have been key in supporting me to develop my skillsand to connect with a lot of other local people who are making ideas real. These connections have helped me to integrate into the community and I have called on them for support.

Edventure Short Course, “Fundraising for Non-Rocket Scientists”

For example, I did the Fundraising workshop last month and there were four connections I made that I am following up with that could be potential future collaborations. The Edventure short courses aren’t just about upskilling but they’re are also the best networking opportunities.


Local Entrepreneurs Forum

‘The workshops have led me on to bigger and better things with Edventure being the testing ground for my vision and ambitions.  I participated in the Local Entrepreneurs Forum in June and had mentoring to develop my pitch that was really key in fine-tuning the idea. It forced me to get clear about my objectives and think about practical things like registering as a community interest company (CIC). The idea really became concrete when I had to present 5 slides in 5 minutes.

Dr Sam Evans pitching at The Local Entrepreneurs Forum for Frome

Dr Sam Evans pitching at The Local Entrepreneurs Forum for Frome

Its was a terrifying thing to do but now my elevator  pitch is down to 60 seconds and I am clear about where I am going.

Edventure Start-Up Course

The LEF gave me a cohort of people who pledged support and it also connected me back to Edventure in terms of the offer to become the client on their Start-Up Course.

Edventure Start-Up Student Team who were Challenged to Create A Community Plant Nursery at The Walled Garden at Mells

So, I have gone from upskilling to articulating and developing a concrete business and then to implementing it practically with the Start-Up Course. All 3 of those elements have put me in a much stronger position.

For example, I am now submitting funding applications and finding that they’re really solid – my ideas are thought through and I am ticking all the boxes. I was expecting to get maybe 25% of the applications through but I am actually getting to the 2nd stage on about 80%.

So, I am getting my foot in the door as a direct result of the training, the LEF thought processes and having something tangible to show people as a result of the whole incubation process that has happened with Edventure this year. In addition to some very real and measurable impacts from working with Edventure, the other people I have met and those circular connections are the intangible impacts of Edventures work – I hadn’t fully appreciated those benefits at first but a year on those people are also now running their own projects and I keep connecting and reconnecting with them in all sorts of unexpected ways. From having a vision to becoming a start up CIC Edventures incubation process has been absolutely outstanding.’


Edventure Start-Up Community Plant Nursery – Launch Event


For details of The Plant Nursery at the Walled Garden at Mells, please click here.


Nursery at The Walled Garden at Mells Launch Presentation

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Frome in 2030
Edventure: Frome’s Climate Emergency Declaration
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We recognise that...

…the growing climate emergency is a serious risk to the pursuit of Edventure’s community and charitable aims. We also believe that every organisation needs to address the causes of climate change, and that by making the necessary changes to sharply reduce emissions, we can create new, local opportunities for improved wellbeing, good livelihoods and a strong, resilient community in Frome.


Climate actions that bring our community together

The climate cause is currently dividing our communities – globally and here in Frome. When local school children joined the Global Climate Strike and blocked the road in Frome on September 20th 2019, voices on the street and online either shouted encouragement or abuse. 

Edventure will focus on grassroots climate action that both recognises the urgency of the crisis and brings our community together. 

We have made a start: An example is the Community Fridge which Edventure started in partnership with Frome Town Council – It saved 140 tonnes of carbon last year, it is visited by the homeless, students and green activists alike, and volunteers of all sorts of backgrounds are now running it.

Community Fridge Frome

Community Fridge: Frome

What we will do (and how you can join in)

1 - Courses

The student teams on our flagship courses – edventure START-UP & MAKE – will focus on starting community enterprises and products that help reduce carbon as well as meet other community needs. Explore our upcoming courses here and join a student team.

Edventure Start-Up Course – Team #14


2 - Local Entrepreneurs Forum & short courses

We will help 4 other community businesses with a climate focus start up in 2020 as part of our Local Entrepreneurs Forum event. Anyone with ideas for starting up or growing climate or environmental initiatives can get training and advice at our upcoming short courses

Local Entrepreneurs Forum for Frome 2019

3 - Carbon neutral

We made a good start. Last year (September 2018 to August 2019), our initiatives enabled to save more carbon (about 232 tonnes) than we as an organisation have produced (estimated 52.3 tonnes of carbon through our buildings & travel). We will both reduce our emissions & resource consumption and fully offset any remaining emissions in 2020.


Frome Wardrobe Collective Clothes Swap

The Frome Wardrobe Collective

4 - Partnership bids & programme development

We will be working with other local organisations to help resource local, sustainable climate action through partnership bids, and develop new programmes and initiatives that contribute to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. 

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walled garden mells
Student Reflections: “And … It’s a Wrap!”
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By Tammie

What a wonderful couple of months these have been!

Now sadly coming to an end….

The final launch event and open day at the Walled Garden on the 31st of Oct was a big success. It was amazing to see the space being used as we envisioned, with the community coming together to spend time in the beautiful walled garden.

During the day we used the newly developed Poly tunnel space to run craft activities, everyone got stuck in with clay modelling and nature crafts. The pumpkin carving was very popular, as well as the pizza and hot mulled apple juice being served from the cafe.

The event was an opportunity for us to share what we have put in place for the foundations of this new community venture, and plans for the future of the garden. 

The vision for the Walled Garden Plant Nursery is for it to be used by a diverse range of people, for them to come together and work in the garden. Currently there are groups from local schools who come to help out and learn gardening skills. 

The Polytunnel space that we have developed will be used for activities and workshops, and is available for hire.

Over the last few weeks we ran a series of volunteer days which were met with a lot of enthusiasm and will continue every Wednesday until the end of December. There will be a new volunteer day schedule coming out in the new year, so if you have some time to spare and would like to help out please get involved!

The exciting future design of the plant nursery, envisioned by Diane
Young has created a beautiful logo and various signs for the garden!

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, from all of the 13th edventure Start-Up team. Personally, I’ll see you around Frome, this town has caught me for now! 

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