A housing solution – Edventure students get to work!

Building firm foundations and a strong team (with marshmallows and pasta).









A new cohort of Edventure students have begun a two month long training in community enterprise, this time with a focus on creating affordable living solutions for young people.

The group of students, which includes two architects, two builders, a plumber and three artists will spend the next eight weeks building a ‘Tiny house’ (or ‘micro home’) for a local business owner who would like a semi – independent living structure for her garden.

As young adults, many of us are struggling with the challenge of finding affordable accommodation. Many won’t be able to afford their own home in the foreseeable future, but are finding that renting a room in a shared house does not offer enough privacy or independence. The living structure, designed by architectural designers Ebanie Powell and Graham Burgess with the help of the students at Edventure, is being built to offer one solution.

As well being part of designing and building the prototype, the students are working to set up a business to offer these structures to the public at an affordable price to be used as office space, an extra bedroom, or to be occupied by a lodger.

One design feature is that the spaces will be ‘flat packable’. It will be possible for someone to own their own living accommodation and move it between locations which would suit those of us with more transient lifestyles.

During the next few months we look forward to inviting you to some events on the topic of housing and to sharing our story with you on the Edventure Blog.