Jam packed week two (an Edventurers perspective)

Leading the group through the jam-packed-algebraic-schedule of events in week two was the calm, collected and bubbly Georgia. Indeed shepherding us into formation, but also providing us with inspiring and illuminating interludes of drawing, reading and dreaming. Thaaaaank you!

So what did we do? Felt disturbed and interested to understand our minds during a Transactional Analysis workshop with Neil. Absorbed design knowledge and considerations from our experts Ebanie and Graham. Split up into four teams to research different areas of the build. Delivered a presentation of our initial ideas to the client – including; some large and small scale models, drawings, Sketch Up plans (computer-aided 3D design), along with much blood sweat and tears.
Johannes interwove our minds with post-it notes during a  w-h-o-l-e  day and a half of project planning and learning, there was lots of heady terminology which made the team make noises like argh, ehhh, urghhhhh.

We wouldn’t have accomplished any of this had we not been fed and watered so very well …freshly cooked lunches made by any one of us new Edventurers. Hydrated and propped up with fair-trade caffeine from the Hub, and kept smitten and smiling with freshly baked flapjacks by the sweet treat goddess Esther (of the last Edventure team challenge)! thank you all

Collectively we’re inspired and happy to build something beautiful and as conscious as possible.There is also a deep understanding amongst the group of displacement through lack of housing and the effects this can have on your life and well being, and this not least makes us incredibly aware of people suffering far and wide across Europe and the world. No doubt the group has been in quite unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable waters the past couple of weeks getting  in to the rhythm of it all. But what we’re also understanding more and more, day by day, is each other. And how to progress in on this Edventure together 🙂 GO TEAM GO!  Quote of the week: “it’s so nice to have so many brains…” Sam

Written in slow-motion betwixt one of the artist’s on board and her daydreaming mind

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