Assignment #10: Market Challenge


The Frome Artisan & Flea Market Challenge was a competition organised by Edventure Frome that set teams of all ages from in and around Frome the task to design and make an ethical and sustainable product or service to sell at the Frome Artisan & Flea Market (May 5th).

6 teams of 4-6 players participated in the challenge of designing and making a new product, and created an eye-catching market stall in front of the Library on last Sunday’s Artisan and Flea Market, including Frome Town Council, The Old Church School, Revival, and three teams led by Edventure Apprentices. The market stalls were very colourful, and the teams tried to attract customers through music, theatre and games.

Community Impact

  • Encourage social entrepreneurship locally

  • Support people to make their ethical & sustainable enterprise ideas happen

  • Fundraise money for local charities

Value Received

  • Profit share from the participating teams

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic entrepreneurial skills

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Team work

  • Understanding of ethics & sustainability in designing products

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