Assignment #12: Around the World in 80 Games @ Sunrise Festival

Our last, celebratory assignment of the year!

This is how we described it on Sunrise Festival’s website…

“We are Explorers who have traveled through time seeking fun and adventures of the widest variety, and we are on a crazy mission to play 80 games from around the world in one week-end! Join in our fun every afternoon in the Underworld and roaming the festival in search of new games and foolery.

On Saturday we will be hosting the ultimate Micronation Gameathon with the finest selection of ridiculous games from around the world. We have some hot contenders already with the infamous Persian Piggyback Pollo, Italian Underwear Wrestling, British Three-legged Bulldog and the Georgian Gilet Relay. Bring your best games and team members for the 1pm warm-up, before it gets serious at 2pm!”