Impact on people

Here are short stories of people we worked with over the past few years

L’s story

L grew up in Frome. At 16 he left school and tried going to college. He dropped out, and joined our MAKE course before joining this Start-Up course.

“I've definitely gained a lot of confidence and I've also learned more about myself on the course than I ever hoped to. I came away with, skills and experiences working and talking to people, connections for what I might do next, and direction for how my life might pan out”

A’s story

RK had a car accident in her early 20s and suffered a major brain injury, she has ongoing memory problems. She was volunteering locally at the time and after the programme she joined a start-up course.

“I met new friends, learned about working as a group. I’ll be back, edventure is truly life changing for me and my new thoughts”

D’s story

D is a young man on the autistic spectrum and he was referred through one of our referral partners (Work Wiltshire, ‘a one-stop shop for education, employment and skills information’). He was not in work or education.

“My favorite bit was carving a spatula - I was a bit nervous about whether I had sufficient skills to make it. Harry (the tutor) was really encouraging and gave me advice and demonstrated some skills. I have learned new skills, met new people and I am more confident about talking with people and sharing my ideas.”

C’s Story

C. has been suffering from a long-term health condition, she had been unable to work since leaving school. Now in her late 20s, she had some volunteer experience working at a local school but was lacking in confidence and was looking for job search skills.

“I have grown in confidence and I can see a direction I want to go in life. We had to do a presentation in front of people that I was afraid of, but edventure gave me the confidence to confront my fears and stand up and talk in front of strangers, I actually enjoyed this and showed myself that I can do things that I thought I couldn't.”

J’s story

J was essentially homeless at the time that he was on the course, sleeping on someone’s sofa. He had been employed sporadically as a labourer but didn’t have basic English and Maths skills. He has some learning difficulties and was referred to the course.

“At the market, I met a little girl and her mother who showed interest in the things I had made for sale. Not only did they buy it, but they also asked if I could make more. This has made me realise that I have the potential to make money”