A business planning tool for community start-ups and businesses that we adapted from the Lean Canvas and Social Lean Canvas, originally developed for our students at Edventure. The Community Enterprise Canvas asks you a few simple questions to start planning and communicating your community-focused business. The canvas comes in three sections: The centre focuses on the Purpose and Solution. The right section focuses on trading, the left on community.

Unique Features


We move beyond talking about Unique Value Propositions, and focus our attention to finding a purpose that speaks to all involved, including customers, partners and the wider community or beneficiaries.

Local Ownership

A new addition to the canvas. How the local community will be engaged and how their long-term ownership is assured is key to Community Enterprise.

Local Resources

We believe community start-ups thrive when they not only tackle local issues but also draw on local talent, skills and resources – hence another new addition.

Key Impact

Rather than simply talking about Key Metrics, we enquire into the Key Impact of the start-up, aligning KPIs for internal feedback and outcomes for the community and customers.


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