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Community Fridge: Frome
Set up a Community Fridge Toolkit

Food waste is a big issue in the UK. The average household throws away £470 worth of food every year. And at the same time 4 million people in the UK are living in food poverty.

The Community Fridge is a simple response. You can drop off good but unwanted food, and anyone can help themselves to what is on the shelf.

The fridge is for retail businesses, restaurants and individual people to share perfectly good food that is edible and would otherwise go to waste. The operators of this Fridge (Edventure Frome CIC) will make sure that the fridge is a safe environment for food sharing.

Edventure Frome CIC cannot take responsibility for the condition of the contents of this fridge. Everyone who puts food into this fridge is responsible for the safety of this food and will follow the guidelines provided. By taking food from the community fridge you commit to making your own judgement as to whether or not the contents you take are suitable for your own use.


We have invested quite a lot of time on figuring out how a community fridge could work in the UK. We are sharing our resources to save others the time and enable us to raise funds to continue our work. To preview the resource pack welcome document click here. To access the download links for the documents, please fill in & submit the form below – the information will be sent to you by email. We are asking for a donation via our Just Giving page (you can choose the amount, we suggest a minimum of £25 for community groups and £50 for social enterprises or local authorities) so if you fill in the form below to receive the resource pack please do make a donation.


  • Frequently Asked Questions to explain how the community fridge works in Frome
  • Logo & other branding elements to be modified for your local context. The logo also comes in different colour schemes.
  • Food Hygiene processes to explain how we run the fridge guided by the Food Standards Agency.
  • Flyers & press-releases to help you launch the fridge.
  • Disclaimers and notices on Google Docs, so that they can be easily adapted to your context.
  • A risk assessment & brief for your insurance, so that you can run the project by your local environmental health officer and insurer.
  • Volunteer training documents to professionally induct your volunteers or staff who are looking after the fridge.

Please note that this is not a franchise. We are simply sharing our resources and you are fully responsible for making your community fridge legal and safe.

Toolkit Download

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Community Business Planning Workshop

5 hour introduction workshop to community business planning

“We need a business plan!” Do you really? What kind of plan will actually help you make progress? Starting a community enterprise or project is a dynamic and constantly evolving process. A traditional business plan – although useful at later stages of the project – is often too restraining in the start-up phase. This workshop will introduce tools that can provide enough clarity and focus while also leaving enough flexibility to adapt your plan as you go along.


  • Knowledge about the social business development process, underpinned by case-studies.
  • An introduction to Theory of Change, Social Lean Canvas, and market research tools.
  • All planning models applied to your own project, business or idea in the making, including feedback.
  • Guidance on next steps and a collection of online resources for further learning and development.

Way of working

There will be no powerpoint and we will try to keep theoretical input as succinct as possible. We will apply the tools introduced to your start-up ideas – however vague or hypothetical they are – and draw on feedback from the whole group to help you get insights into your business model and ideas for your next steps.

Get in touch with [email protected] to discuss what might be needed for you, your organisation or your group.

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The Edventure Model – Community enterprise facilitation training (2.5 days)


This workshop shares the approaches, model and facilitation techniques of Edventure Frome—a school for community enterprise. It is for people from all backgrounds and organisations who want to revitalise their town or city by enabling diverse young adults to create viable livelihoods locally and apply their creativity and energy to build a more resilient, sustainable and fair community.

Core take-aways


Facilitation techniques to enable groups of young adults to set up community enterprises and local initiatives

Community Engagement

Tools to mobilise local people to support the next generation of local entrepreneurs and changemakers


Ways of integrating Edventure’s methodologies in existing projects and organisations.


An understanding of how to set up a school for community enterprise in partnership with Edventure.


The course is facilitated by Johannes Moeller and Neil Oliver, Directors of Edventure Frome. Neil has worked as trainer and facilitator with the public and community sector for over 25 years. Johannes is the initiator of Edventure Frome, and has in the past worked with diverse young adults and entrepreneurs to build their capacity to effect positive change.

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Set-up “SHARE – a library of Things” in your community

Hello ‘share enthusiasts’!

screen-shot-2016-02-18-at-13-50-02We have developed a few resources and support packages for people who are passionate about sharing and starting similar initiatives. This is what we can offer:

1. Come & visit our shop in Frome

We can give you a tour of our shop, a presentation on how it works and time to ask questions for a small fee to cover our costs. To find out more, email [email protected].

2. Consultancy

If you are serious about starting up SHARE – a library of things, we can offer you personal start-up coaching and consultancy. To discuss your needs, please email [email protected].

3. Access resources

screen-shot-2016-02-18-at-13-38-59 We created a 33 page booklet about how we set up SHARE and the basics of how it works, and pulled together some useful documents such as our lending agreements. We are asking for a donation or the downloads to enable us to work on the materials further, answer further questions you may have and extract relevant data. To access the resources please donate via our Local Giving page (suggested £50 donation) and then send an email to [email protected] including any questions and stating that you have donated. We’ll get back to you with everything you need!Tool Kit Contents

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Community Enterprise Canvas


A business planning tool for community start-ups and businesses that we adapted from the Lean Canvas and Social Lean Canvas, originally developed for our students at Edventure. The Community Enterprise Canvas asks you a few simple questions to start planning and communicating your community-focused business. The canvas comes in three sections: The centre focuses on the Purpose and Solution. The right section focuses on trading, the left on community.

Unique Features


We move beyond talking about Unique Value Propositions, and focus our attention to finding a purpose that speaks to all involved, including customers, partners and the wider community or beneficiaries.

Local Ownership

A new addition to the canvas. How the local community will be engaged and how their long-term ownership is assured is key to Community Enterprise.

Local Resources

We believe community start-ups thrive when they not only tackle local issues but also draw on local talent, skills and resources – hence another new addition.

Key Impact

Rather than simply talking about Key Metrics, we enquire into the Key Impact of the start-up, aligning KPIs for internal feedback and outcomes for the community and customers.


Access download links for high resolution A3 .pdfs and some useful tips by submitting your email below – The files will be emailed to you immediately. We will not pass on your email address to third parties, and only email you updates about our tools and work once in a while.

This form collects your name and email so we can send you the files. We’d love you to subscribe to our newsletter to hear future updates from us too. If you’d like to do so please click here. See our privacy policy for full details of how your data is managed and protected.

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    Edventure Consultancy

    Our Core skills and expertise

    Course Design

    We support organisations to design experiential, community based programmes and courses.

    Delivery Skills

    We provide tailored training in key course delivery skills, including facilitation of  enterprise development, community engagement, group process and team development.

    Early stage start-ups

    We offer support for educational and community start-ups.

    Contact us

    We will be in touch to arrange an informal meeting over the phone to explore what you may need and how we can help with our skills and expertise.

    This form collects your name and email so we can respond to your enquiry. We’d love you to subscribe to our newsletter to hear future updates from us too. If you’d like to do so please click here. See our privacy policy for full details of how your data is managed and protected.

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      Community Enterprise Action Learning Tools

      Edventure has worked with 6 european organisations to create tools for facilitating community enterprise action learning programmes. A first edition is now available on  for download

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