Edventure: Tour Spring 2021

Experience Edventure Initiatives First-Hand on Wednesday 16th June 

You may have heard of the Community Fridge, you might’ve borrowed something from the Share Shop, or maybe you know someone who attended a social enterprise course in town? But have you heard of Edventure:Frome? If you’re not quite sure exactly who/what Edventure:Frome actually is, you’re not alone! Over the years, many people from far and wide have called up to ask if they can film, interview or simply find out more about the CIC. The staff felt that they didn’t have enough time to discuss their projects in depth, hence why they decided to carve out some time, three days a year, to tell their story. 

On June 16th, Edventure will run an interactive warts-and-all walking tour where you can experience the company’s local initiatives first hand. This is your chance to join the dots, meet the fine folk behind the scenes, ask your questions, and receive honest, nuts & bolts answers. We’ll walk at a nice leisurely pace, paying a visit to the weird and wonderful enterprises set up by the students on the Start Up course; all of which aim to reduce Frome’s carbon footprint. The itinerary is as follows:

Share Shop – Gather at 9.30 outside the Share Shop where you’ll meet the manager and find out all about what the shop offers and how you can get involved. 

Community Fridge Meet the managers of the Community Fridge whose mission is to reduce Frome’s  food waste. 

Roundhouse – Visit the outdoor community space by the river, en-route to the Welsh Mill Hub. 

The Welsh Mill Hub – Check out the community venue and co-working space where Edventure:Frome are based. Take a look at the Ed Space, Edventure’s tiny home, and meet the people who run the hub and lead Edventure’s programmes including:

  • Green & Healthy Futures for Frome: Hannah Burd – A new programme that’s working to create a kinder, greener, fairer world 
  • Routes Sessions: Cassie Morris – Weekly support sessions for young people in Frome 
  • Make Shed: Cassie Morris – A weekly session to work on practical and creative projects
  • The Kickstart Scheme: Laura Emptage – Supporting local business, young adults & sustainability in/around Frome 
  • Short Courses: Lisa Hawes – Lisa will discuss the variety of short courses that the company offers to help people to step towards a livelihood that matters to them.
  • The Start Up Course: Doug Stewart – Meet the current Start Up team who are working on a compost project; taking people’s food waste and transforming it into nutrient rich compost to be cycled back into our land. 

Q&A with the M.D – For the grand finale, you’ll meet Edventure:Frome’s founder and managing director Johannes Moeller and ask any burning questions you might have off the back of the tour!

Optional Lunch – Afterwards, you’re welcome to join us for lunch; Tibetan Memories at The Good Heart: exploring kindness, where we’ll  continue the conversation and enjoy some delicious homemade food. 
Everyone is welcome and the tour is FREE to Frome residents.
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