February in Frome Update

Curating an exhibition in a week? Pulling down an old boxing hall to recycle the wood? Sometimes more is possible than we think! While the pace of Edventure is picking up, the main theme of this month has been ‘discernment’. Everyone has been juggling plenty of projects, events, opportunities and challenges, and we had to ask ourselves the question ‘what is really mine to pursue?’.

Our experience maps nicely on the ‘divergence & convergence model’ (see right). In the beginning of the year we created plenty of opportunities, opened up possibilities, and tried out new things. Over winter, our new insights and experiences were ‘brewing’, sometimes we got lost in possibility, and sometimes pursued opportunities that weren’t really what we wanted to do. Now begins the time of recreating focus, to converge, or in other words, to cut out the crap!

Here some brief updates of what we’ve been up to. Joe has curated an exhibition promoting young artists in Frome within a week. Over 60 people joined for the evening. Ben & Harry have been demolishing an old wooden building, reclaiming the wood. They have already plenty of jobs on the books for building shelters, furniture and coffins out of their recycled wood. Thank you Gavin Eddy for providing this opportunity! Our main hub space is almost financially sustainable, and our new bean-bags make it the perhaps most cozy hot-desking, workshop and event space in Frome! Well done Tem! There is now a new stunning mural painted by Camilla in the Bath Arms, and Nick is contributing to regular collective songwriting open-mics while pursuing applications & work-experience to become a chef. Johannes has been in Vienna for a meeting of the IPTL (International Partnership for Transformative Learning). Edventure is part of it, and we are contributing a chapter in a book about the story of our work and organisation. We have also started to do some market research, and are plotting a new satellite business in Frome ~ for now we can only say… yummm & fire on wheels! And last but not least, Dan has started teaching a ‘Stretch, Box & Breath’ class in the Round Tower, Tuesdays 7pm. Very much recommended!

We’ve also had amazing contributors from the local community come in again. Barbara Bacon run a workshop on the legalities of starting a small business, and basic bookkeeping. Jo Berry run a training in Conflict Resolution. Thank you so much! Dan Hurring, a co-founder of Sunrise Festivals, came in to talk about future collaborations, and we’ve spent time again with Chris on Vallis Veg.

Thank you for following our story!