Our new crew of apprentices – setting up a Library of Things in Frome

On March the 2nd, a new crew of 8 apprentices started with Edventure. This is a blog post that Biz wrote. She is one of the new apprentices…

8 people.

2 months.

One mission.

We are into the 2nd week of our Edventure apprenticeship and our project to start a Sharing Shop: A place where the people of Frome can come to share objects, skills and time.

We have 2 months to research, design, build and launch the space, in collaboration with local people. The team of 8 of us between the ages of 18 and 30 will be learning how to work together, create an enterprise, and how to involve the local community in the process, all by learning through doing.

The first week was spent getting to know the team – hearing each others life stories and sharing our skills and strengths. We got to grips with tools that will enable us to work effectively as a team and collectively came up with some ground rules. We also got a little insight into Frome with a brief history of the area from the Mayor.

The second week was spent getting to grips with the challenge brief and going out to do market research. This involved going to local meetings and inviting some local movers and shakers into the Hub to hear their ideas and insights, as well as speaking to passers by on the street.

Two weeks into our apprenticeship and we have an emerging idea of what a sharing shop looks like. This is based on talking to local people about how they already borrow and lend items and share skills. We have discovered that there is clearly an appetite for a physical space where people can share, and look forward to the next stage of prototyping the idea and seeing what the people of Frome think. *Watch this space…*

Zoltan Simko, Lauren Goodey, Maija Helena, Charley Murrell, May Atkinson, Chris Stewart, Anna Francis, Dominic Ives and Biz Bliss