Personal Development – Discovering the Inner Development Goals

You might be familiar with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but have you ever come across the concept of the Inner Development Goals? At the recent ‘Frome’s action on climate and biodiversity event organized by Frome Town Council, Madeleine Mauwer from Sustainable Frome shed light on this intriguing concept.

The Inner Development Goals, a non-profit organization, have identified a set of skills and abilities that can lead us towards purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. These skills include openness and a learning mindset, sense-making, empathy and compassion, mobilisation skills, and courage – all essential qualities to fulfil the UN’s vision.

In a world that often overwhelms us, focusing on ourselves and utilising this framework to reflect on our existing strengths and areas for development feels like an empowering first step. By understanding and nurturing these inner qualities, we can become better equipped to contribute to a positive impact on our planet and society.

One program that embraces the principles of the Inner Development Goals is the Edventure Start-up course. Not only does it support individuals in their personal growth, but it also fosters the creation of community businesses. The course aims to guide people towards livelihoods that align with their passions and values, ultimately benefiting both themselves and their community.

Perhaps the Inner Development Goals can assist you on your journey as well. If you’re interested or know someone who would benefit, our next Start-up course is open for applications at In collaboration with the Frome Food Network, the course will focus on a sustainable food-related challenge. Regardless of age, everyone is welcome to apply, and places will be offered on a rolling basis, so it’s best to apply early to secure your spot.


Colin Atkinson, Start-up Lead and Programmes Lead