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A livelihood that matters – podcast about Edventure by Jen Gale
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Why do we at Edventure talk about livelihoods rather than jobs, what is the Edventure win-win-win scenario, and how to we want to transform our community and local economy? Listen to this and more in the podcast by Jen Gale where she interviews  Johannes Moeller, the initiator and managing director of Edventure. Jen is an ethical business coach and runs some brilliant online programmes and an inspiring podcast series.

CLICK HERE to listen on Jen’s website.

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A hidden source of energy that can transform our communities?
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Whoever is trying to create change in the world knows how much energy and time it can take. We want to build businesses and projects that can transform our world, but where will the energy come from to make this happen – in the speed and scale that is needed?  

In the face of overwhelming social, environmental and economic challenges we need the creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of young people to create solutions for building a better world. And yet, 40% of young people are either unemployed, under-employed or working in the wrong job according to the Local Government Association in a report called the “Hidden Talent” of young people (see summary below).

Imagine, these 2.4 Million young people in England and Wales were given the support, skills and trust to develop their hidden talents, build livelihoods that mattered to them, and contribute positively to society…



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